Jumpstarting Your Blog

You finally got up the courage to start your own blog. You got yourself a nice theme for your Word Press blog, got a domain, and voila: your very own blog. You’re now sitting in front of your monitor staring at a blank blog page. You’ve yet to put a single piece in it. You have no idea what to put in it, but you’re dying to find out.
Jumpstarting Your Blog

So, how do you jumpstart your blog? I, mean, come on. There’s more to blogging than simply purchasing a domain. A blog is supposed to be a platform for things you want to let out in the world. So, first thing’s first: what do you want to tell the world? Answer that, and you’ll figure out what to post first, but then again, there’s more to blogging than merely posting a first blog post. You have to gain followers and keep the. So, how do you keep them? And then, right after that, you’ll start thinking about conversions. Yeah, those are the questions you need to ask yourself as a start-up blogger. So, let me give you a head’s up. Here are some blogging tips that’ll help you bolster your blog:

Write for yourself first 

The ultimate question you ask yourself the moment you decide to start a blog is what to blog about. I mean, imagine yourself deciding to buy a domain and being faced with an empty blog site. Think of the frustration you’d feel having spent money on a domain that won’t even be of any use to you.
Well, not to worry. This part is really a no-brainer. What’s that thing that you’ve been dying to tell the whole wide world? What’s that one reason why you decided to start blogging in the first place? Whatever’s your answer to that, that’s the topic you should be writing about first.

It’s your blog. You decide what to write about.  You wouldn’t think about starting a blog if you hadn’t any idea what to write about. Don’t hesitate to do it. Go for it.  Don’t try to reassess your ideas. Start writing your heart out.

A blog is a form of self-expression. To say it simply, your blog is you. In the actual life, people say that you should pretend to be someone you’re not. The same rule should apply to your blog. Don’t let your blog be the blog of somebody else’s.

You may be the one writing the blogs, but if it’s somebody else’s idea, and it’s as if the blog was never yours. Let your blog be your platform.

Be consistent

Blogging isn’t just about sharing your thoughts. It’s also about gaining an audience. You wouldn’t want to make a speech in an empty room, would you? Well, it’s the same thing when it comes to blogging.

A day will come when your blog wouldn’t make sense anymore because no one’s going to be reading it anyway. After all, people blog when they want to tell the world something, but that’s not going to happen unless there are actually people reading your blog. So, how do you get people to read your blog? If you consistently fill up your blog with great content and then readers will just follow. People browse the net all the time. They might see your blog once or twice. They’ll maybe even read it, but the goal here is to get them to follow your blog. That’ll only happen if they see that your blog is filled with content they enjoy. So, what am I saying here? Be consistent with your posts. This is precisely why you have to write for yourself first. That way, you’ll be inspired and motivated to keep on writing on posting.

Love your existing followers 

When you first start out with the blog, you’d get the feel that it’s all about you. I mean, come on. It’s hard to be heard when you’re out in the open.

When you were still in school, you had no choice but to just to listen to the teachers. When you started working, you’re supposed to just listen to the top management, and nothing more. You weren’t entitled to voice out your own opinion about business matters unless one of your superiors asked you too.

Now when you were introduced to blogging your whole life changed. You realized that there was another way for you to be who you are. When you’re outside the gates of your home, you’re bounded by the rules of society, but once you go online, the world is all yours.  You opened up yourself to the world of blogging, thinking that your main reason for doing it was to express your innermost thoughts and feeling. Little did you know that you’d soon gain a handful of followers. Now, what used to be mere self-expression became an association between you, the blogger and your followers.
You’re now a real blogger. Some people call themselves a blogger when the only one who knows they have a blog is themselves. They don’t bother telling anybody else because they fear people will judge them for their opinions. Another reason why they prefer to keep quiet about their blog is because they fear that people would think they’re not good enough. They fear failure. But the thing is the failure is part of the blogging process. Before you go places in the world of blogging, you have to go through loads of criticisms from other people. How else would you learn how to be a better blogger?

A real blogger would do anything to promote his blog. He doesn’t hide it from the world. He is dedicated to learning from his past mistakes. He’s open to constructive criticisms.  A real blogger blog on a daily basis, and not just when he feels like it. A real blogger has actual readers, who he treats as his motivation and inspiration for more great content.

That being said, you should be thankful to your existing followers.  Take the time to thank your followers in some of your blog posts. Take the time to ask them what they’d like to read about next. That way, your email list can start pouring.

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