Announcing New Service of Media Coordination

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Mr. Tulsi Siwakoti from Surung Jhapa Nepal currently living in Spain made a video named "Kasto Bhayo Hola….". After the official launching of video he gave us the responsibility for the promotion ( I would like to use the term (Media Co-ordination). This is our first experience and we are very happy to say that more than 30 web portal cover our event.

We would like to give lots of thanks to Mr. Janak Timilsina who gave breakthrough of this event coverage through online portal named Nepalilpatra. (See 10th row of table).

Within four hours Top Nepali news portal like, setopati, Onlinekhabar, Ratopati, Ujyallo, cover this news. we have selected 30 web portal in this table.

Here is the VIDEO

[update headline="Update"] Nepliblog feel proud to announce its new service. If you want to cover your event in the web portal then we can be a gateway. Our first event coverage on the nepali web portal is almost everywhere. We can provide you detail documentation as your need. [/update]

SN Sitename Title of News
1. Onlinekhabar ईनास म्युजिकल ब्याण्ड स्पेनको पहिलो भिडियो सार्वजनिक
2. Setopati स्पेनबाट आफ्ना गाउँ सम्झँदै
3. Nagariknewsप्रवासी युवाले गाउँ सम्झिँदा
4. Annapurna Post प्रवासी युवा भन्छन्, 'कस्तो भयो होला मेरो गाउँ'
5. Ratopati यसरी सम्झे स्पेनबाट आफ्नो गाउँ (भिडियोसहित)
6. Ujyaalo स्पेनमा रहेका नेपाली युवाले गाउँ सम्झिदा बनेको गीत (भिडियोसहित)
7. Hamra Kura संसारभरिका नेपालीहरु अटाएको एउटै म्युजिक भिडीयो
8. Medianp परदेशबाट मातृभुमी सम्झिँदा (भिडियो)
9. Nepal Pati स्पेनबाट आफ्नो गाउँ सम्झँदै
10. Nepalipatra स्पेनबाट आफ्नो गाउँ सम्झिए नेपाली युवा
11. Chakrapath स्पेनबाट आफ्नो गाउँ सम्झँदै युवा (भिडियो सहित)
12. NepaliHeadlines स्पेनमा नेपाली मायाँ छचल्कियो (भिडियो सहित)
13. Dainiknepal स्पेनमा नेपाली मायाँ छचल्कियो (भिडियो सहित)
14. Merojilla स्पेनबाट आफ्ना गाउँ सम्झँदै तुलसी सिवाकोटी ( भिडिओ सहित )
15. SambadMedia स्पेनबाट आफ्ना गाउँ सम्झँदै
16. Puleso स्पेनबाट आफ्नो गाउँ सम्झँदै
17. Sajhasabal स्पेनबाट आफ्ना गाउँ सम्झँदै नेपालीहरु
18. Newsabhiyan कस्तो भयो होला मेरो गाउँ ठाउँ? भिडियो सहित
19. Sajhamanch प्रवासी युवाले गाउँ सम्झँदा बन्यो म्युजिक भिडियो
20. Hamrosandesh स्पेनबाट आफ्ना गाउँ सम्झँदै (भिडियो सहित)
21. Samudrapari स्पेनबाट आफ़्नो गाउँ सम्झँदै (म्युजिक भिडियोसहित)
22. Sarokarnews स्पेनबाट आफ्ना गाउँ सम्झँदै
23. News Nrn स्पेनबाट आफ्ना गाउँ सम्झँदै (भिडियो)
24. Filmyzoom विदेशमा सम्झिएको नेपाली गाउँ (भिडियो)
25. Purbelitimes प्रवासी युवाले गाउँ सम्झँदा बन्यो म्युजिक भिडियो (भिडियोसहित)
26. Dcnepal विदेशिएपछि नेपालको चिन्ता
27. Realkhabar स्पेनबाट आफ्ना गाउँ सम्झँदै(फोटो फिचर )
28. Pardeshilife संसारभरिका नेपालीहरु एउटै म्युजिक भिडीयोमा कसरी अटे ?
29. Quicknpnews रोजगारीको सिलसिलामा स्पेन पुगेका नेपालीको म्युजिक भिडियो सार्वजनिक ‘कस्तो भयो होला मेरो गाउँ
30. Hellonepalkorea संसारभरिका नेपालीहरु एउटै म्युजिक भिडीयोमा अटे

Face book- the great invention or the end of privacy

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Face book, like most of the things of the internet, is a great innovation. It allows us to interact with a wide universe of people. Users can learn more about the internet and the various programs it offers. They can also create new communities and relationships. For those users who have a flair for business Face book will function like an introduction to business. It is a wonderful innovation which also has some disadvantages and creates some obligations too.

Let us go through some measures that need to be taken while using Face book.

1.    Invincibility:

 There are instances of students who have posted their pictures where they were charged with alcohol abuse or some such inappropriate use of the social media. While using Face book the users should not only think about their marketability, but they should also take into consideration their identity some 5-10 years later.  A new technology helps us in certain ways, but it does not absolve us of the responsibility to use it in legal and appropriate ways. Therefore, users should not forego the proper conduct while using such technology.

2.    Caching:

If you post something on Face book and even if you take it out or change it, it will remain accessible to the rest of the world for a day or two. This process is called caching. Caching information does have some loopholes which can be blocked only to a certain extent. Security issues are all pervasive on the internet.

3.    The Law:

The privacy of others is another angle to look at Face book. Users should not only think about their identity, but also how others should be represented. Others’ feelings also should be taken into account. The gist is that the privacy of users should be guaranteed on Face book.

Face book allows users to express their humanity. They can create communities and have a long list of fans following them. As long as privacy of users is respected it is alright to use Face book. The decent, appropriate use will fetch good results. We can say that the punch line of using Face book should be “Do not say anything about someone else that you would not want said about yourself.” Users can have fun and make productive use of this social media network. Every technology, every program has a rule and a social norm that requires thoughtful consideration. When considering the use of Face book the major question the users need to think about is how much they should share with the world. If the users are not being extra careful, certain information they want to keep with themselves also may leak.

There will be ironic comments and votes of approval on Face book since it deals with umpteen communities and groups. Often much more information than what we really want to share will be shared in this media. Researchers demonstrated that it is possible to use an individual user’s “likes” in Face book to predict a range of personal attributes like age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious and political views. Some information goes on to guess a few more sensitive features. Therefore, there are considerable risks involved in the use of a social media site. From the advertisements to the personality traits users’ online behavior is highly likely to be watched. It is a great innovation which can affect the users’ privacy if the users are not cautious.

Author bio:

I’m James Lopez concerning in moderation and preservation of essay writing companies an online community that serves as a stage for college students to cooperate and clarify their doubts about their essay writing requirements.

Blogger Contact Form From Kcontractr

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Many blogger are using Blogger contact form which was officially launched in May 16 2013 but there are some disadvantage so the blogger are not satisfied with the official contact form.

 While searching other alternative some use Google Forms as a contact form. But there is no captcha, so I suggest you to use kontractr. Kontractr is easy to setup and customization. Include Captach so no spam email. Send message will be retrieved n the email address which you use in the sign up process. 

How to Setup Kontactr form.
There are few steps to setup Kcontract form. Please follow the steps given below.
  • Go to the
  • Click on sign up Top most bar.
  • Enter your Name, Desired Username, Email Address and Password to sign up.
  • *Note : Messages are retrieved on the Email address which you put in sign up. So use frequently used email address. I Suggest you to use same email address which you use to log in blogger.
  • An Confirmation email will be send in your inbox. Log on to your inbox and click on the confirmation link.


You can change Colors of contact form as your wish. Click on the customize. Finally you will get the code. Paste the code where you want to locate your contact form.

Missing Something.

There is no option for file upload so this option is lacking. Hope they will take seriously.

Zett- Responsive Elegant Theme Download Free

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Do you want to give New looks of your Blogger. Then, Zett Responsive Template will be the one option for you. This Template is created by +Chandeep J of BlogTipsNTricks. We have also Applied the same Template after some Customization.
Zett is not less than any WordPress Elegant Theme. Color Combination is appreciated. 

  • Template Name - Zett
  • Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
  • Release date : February, 2014 
  • Author :
  • Price - Free
  • License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

 The main Features of Zett - A Responsive Blogger Template

  •     Nice and Clean Design
  •     Responsive Theme Layout
  •     Flat look
  •     SEO Optimized
  •     Fast loading Theme
  •     Opt-in form on home page
  •     Responsive Navigation Menu
  •     Custom About me widget
  •     Page navigation Widget
  •     Stunning Threaded Comments Section
  •     Customized heading tags (h1 to h6)
  •     Opt-in subscribe form in Sidebar
  •     Custom Forms



These are basic steps you need to follow for each customization.

    On New Blogger Dashboard Go to Template > Edit HTML Button

Customize the Navigation Menu

  1. Search for the Following Code
  2. <!-- Main Menu -->  
    After that you will see a Link list items, Customize it your own.
  3. Customize Opt-In Email forms (Subscribe form in homepage and on the sidebar)
  4.     There are Two email subscription form in this template     
  5. Search for
  6. <!-- Opt-In Subscribe --> 
      you can find two results from searching Because there are two subscribe widget.
  7. After that you will see the codes for email form. In the form you have to change the chandeepsblogtips with your feedburner Id Four times. (Two times for each widget.)
  8. The username for your feed can be found at the end of your feed URL.For example our feedburner URL is, with chandeepsblogtips as the username.
  9. Now change the headline and description of the subscription widgets with your own words. (if you have any query feel free to leave a comment below)
Customize the Home page Opt-In form info (Info on the left side of the Opt-In form in home page) Search for the Following Code
<!-- Opt-In Info --> 

After that you will see the Info, Customize it your own.

Building A Powerful Team of Social Media Influencers for your Campaign

Social Media

Social media is an effective means to get word out about your product, brand, or ideas. Regardless of the techniques used, a well-planned and flawlessly executed campaign has the potential to reachan enormous range of people, within a shorter period of time.

To have a successful social media campaign, you’d need a powerful team of social influencers who can make the magic happen. In building a social media team, the following roles describe the kind of people you need:

Social Media Charmer

The social media charmer is someone who is socially active in almost all social media websites. This member can write blog posts and subscribe to social news sites like Reddit. A natural conversationalist, he/ she knows how to find and gain followers, and how to engage with other users. The social media charmer can successfully engage your audience. You can leverage this special skill to promote your company.

Social Media Manager

This person has a strong organisational or project management skills. He/ she knows what types of social media content are most suitable for your brand.Your social media manager should be able to handle and resolve issues that may arise at anytime.

Social Media Communicator

This position is for people who have great written communication skills, and who can interact directly with customers and the general public. He/ she remains calm, friendly and open, and keeps the professional vibe even when things get a bit heated. The social media communicator is different from the social media charmer in that, he/ she is more like your PR person.

Product Expert

This person knows the nooks and crannies of your company’s product or services. He/she should have excellent problem-solving skills, which is especially needed in addressing questions and concerns about your product or services raised by customers.

Social Media Analyst

This detail-oriented person has a strong analytical skills. He/ she understands analytics, statistics,and tracking methods to show the return of investment (ROI) of the company’s social media efforts. The analyst is deeply familiar with the tools to help measure data and can make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the strategies used in your campaign.

Why You Need Social Media Influencers

You must choose a team of social media influencers carefully, as they will represent your business or company.Aside from good social skills, you also need your social media team members to be trustworthy and charismatic. You as their leader should make sure all social media efforts are aligned and constantly improved. Your influencers will be vital in:

Creating an online brand persona 

Putting together a team of passionate people who can act as the digital face of your company helps your company build an authoritative and credible online presence. Your team should be relied on to respond in a timely manner in case of any crisis that could threaten your online reputation.

Reaching your company goals and objectives

Whatever type of online business—e-commerce sites,affiliate blogs, portals and aggregators such as credit card comparison websites, consultation sites, and so on—a team of social media influencers can be instrumental in meeting your company goals. These will be the people to introduce your company to potential customers or clients, which translate into bigger profits.

Taking care of your customers

It used to be that customer support can also be done via the telephone. With social media platforms, you can directly address customer concerns, simply by having a team on standby at Facebook groups and your company page, to answer questions and participate in customer discussions.

These tips mentioned will help you look for the right people for your social media team. You don’t necessarily have to hire one person for each of the above mentioned roles. There are people who have the experience taking on various roles at once! You only need to know where and how to look and soon enough, you’ll have your own rockstar social media team.