Monday, April 14, 2014

Building A Powerful Team of Social Media Influencers for your Campaign

Social Media

Social media is an effective means to get word out about your product, brand, or ideas. Regardless of the techniques used, a well-planned and flawlessly executed campaign has the potential to reachan enormous range of people, within a shorter period of time.

To have a successful social media campaign, you’d need a powerful team of social influencers who can make the magic happen. In building a social media team, the following roles describe the kind of people you need:

Social Media Charmer

The social media charmer is someone who is socially active in almost all social media websites. This member can write blog posts and subscribe to social news sites like Reddit. A natural conversationalist, he/ she knows how to find and gain followers, and how to engage with other users. The social media charmer can successfully engage your audience. You can leverage this special skill to promote your company.

Social Media Manager

This person has a strong organisational or project management skills. He/ she knows what types of social media content are most suitable for your brand.Your social media manager should be able to handle and resolve issues that may arise at anytime.

Social Media Communicator

This position is for people who have great written communication skills, and who can interact directly with customers and the general public. He/ she remains calm, friendly and open, and keeps the professional vibe even when things get a bit heated. The social media communicator is different from the social media charmer in that, he/ she is more like your PR person.

Product Expert

This person knows the nooks and crannies of your company’s product or services. He/she should have excellent problem-solving skills, which is especially needed in addressing questions and concerns about your product or services raised by customers.

Social Media Analyst

This detail-oriented person has a strong analytical skills. He/ she understands analytics, statistics,and tracking methods to show the return of investment (ROI) of the company’s social media efforts. The analyst is deeply familiar with the tools to help measure data and can make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the strategies used in your campaign.

Why You Need Social Media Influencers

You must choose a team of social media influencers carefully, as they will represent your business or company.Aside from good social skills, you also need your social media team members to be trustworthy and charismatic. You as their leader should make sure all social media efforts are aligned and constantly improved. Your influencers will be vital in:

Creating an online brand persona 

Putting together a team of passionate people who can act as the digital face of your company helps your company build an authoritative and credible online presence. Your team should be relied on to respond in a timely manner in case of any crisis that could threaten your online reputation.

Reaching your company goals and objectives

Whatever type of online business—e-commerce sites,affiliate blogs, portals and aggregators such as credit card comparison websites, consultation sites, and so on—a team of social media influencers can be instrumental in meeting your company goals. These will be the people to introduce your company to potential customers or clients, which translate into bigger profits.

Taking care of your customers

It used to be that customer support can also be done via the telephone. With social media platforms, you can directly address customer concerns, simply by having a team on standby at Facebook groups and your company page, to answer questions and participate in customer discussions.

These tips mentioned will help you look for the right people for your social media team. You don’t necessarily have to hire one person for each of the above mentioned roles. There are people who have the experience taking on various roles at once! You only need to know where and how to look and soon enough, you’ll have your own rockstar social media team.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Women Entrepreneurship in Nepal

Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurship is the process of creating new venture by women through risk-taking, innovating and managing for rewards. It refers to women in independent business.

The process of entrepreneurship is common to both man and women. It is only the gender that distinguishes the women entrepreneurship from men entrepreneurs. However, women stand as a special focus group for entrepreneurship development. They differ in terms of motivation, business skills and occupational background.

Difference between Men and Women Entrepreneurs. 

CharacteristicsMen EntrepreneursWomen Entrepreneurs
MotivationAchievement, Independence to be his own bossAchievement, Independence to do it alone, discipline
Departure PointDissatisfaction with present jobFrustration with present job
Sources of FundsPersonal assets and savings, banks, friendsPersonal Assets and savings, personal Loans
Occupational BackgroundExperience in manufacturing, finance, technical areasAdministrative experience in service
BackgroundFirstborn child, degree in business or engineering, age 25-35Firstborn child degree in liberal arts; age 35-45
Support GroupFriends, professionals, business associates, spouseFriends, spouse, family women groups
Types of New VentureManufacturing and construction oriented.Service-oriented in a market niche
PersonalityOpinionated and persuasiveFlexible and tolerant

In USA, women start new ventures at three times the rate of men. They account for 70 percent of all new businesses. They own 8.5 million small businesses which employ 17 million peoples.

Problems of women Entrepreneurs

  1. Poor Access to Finance

  2. Women Entrepreneurs lack adequate capital. They usually rely on personal assets and savings for start-up capital. Their access to external source of finance is limited. Generally, women lack ownership of property for use as collateral to get bank loans. In most developing countries properties are inherited by sons.
    • Banks and financial institutions consider women as less creditworthy. They lack track record in financial performance. They also lack education and knowledge to get bank loans. Women Entrepreneurs generally rely on loans from close friends and relatives to start new ventures.
  3. Lack of Skills and Experience

  4. Women lack skills and experience in manufacturing, construction and technical areas. They generally possess administrative experience. This limits their entrepreneurship to service-related ventures, such as beauty clinics, boutiques, florist, education, consulting public relations etc. Illiteracy among women is widespread. Women tend to study liberal arts in schools and colleges. Lack of appropriate education has been a major stumbling block for the growth of women entrepreneurship. Women lack knowledge about business know-how and marketing. This has adversely affected their capacity to take risks.
  5. Business Relationships

  6. Women find limited opportunities for developing business relationships. It takes time and effort to get acceptance in male- dominated groups and networks.
  7. Low mobility of Women

  8. Compared to male, female tend to be less mobile. Traditionally, the place of women was confined within the four walls of home. In most developing countries, women cannot travel alone in faraway places. The male-dominated offices look at women entrepreneurs with skepticism and humiliating attitude. Poor mobility discourages women to become entrepreneurs.
    • Women are relatively new in entrepreneurial roles.
    • Women have remained confirmed to traditional trades which can be run from homes,, such as papad, pickle and powder (spices). Arts and crafts have also attracted to women.
  9. Family Pressures

  10. In many societies, the main role of women is to look after the household and bring up children; this role prevents women to devote time and efforts for new venture. In male- dominated societies, husbands do not allow their wives to start business or employment. This prevents economic independence of women. Family pressures have retarded the growth of women entrepreneurs. In Nepal's joint family system, family ties are strong. Family and social pressures are strong for women to remain confined to household chores. Strong social and family ties provide little time for entrepreneurial activities to Nepalese women.
  11. Other General Problems

Other Problems of General Nature, which constrain women entrepreneurship, are:

  1. Lack of Infrastructure: They can be in terms of power, roads, communication, water and industrial parks. Institutional support systems do not treat women as a special target group.
  2. Stiff Competition in the market: Women entrepreneurs lack resources to promote their products. They also lack knowledge and information about marketing. Marketing presents a serious problems for women entrepreneurs.
  3. Raw Material Shortage: Scarcity of raw material needed for art-and-craft-oriented enterprises run by women has constrained women entrepreneurs.
  4. Legal Constraints: Too many laws and regulations discourage women to enter into new ventures. Women feel uncomfortable in dealing with bureaucracy.

Credit of this article goes to Dr. Govinda Ram Agrawal

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Unlimited Internet Package Rs 200 Per months

Have you noticed the title of this post "Unlimited Internet Package only on Rs 200 per month. You might be wondering how it is possible. Yea it is possible Nepal Telecom release a press notice. According to this press release customer can get unlimited internet package only on Rs 200 per months and for night surfing only Rs 100 per months. Internet users are paying minimum Rs 1 thousand to access internet. It's very good news for them. 

How can you get such Internet?

In order to get this facility you must have telephone line. This is a dial up internet facility. Dial up internet is replaced with other high broadband internet like 4G and 3G in many parts of the world. But in the context of our country it is still exist. In order to run Dial Up internet, telephone lines should be connected to the modem. Maximum speed of dial up internet in Nepal is 58 kbps. The telephone line remains busy while connecting internet. So, user has to pay bill of telephone along with the bill of internet they use. The speed of the internet from dial up is very slow so it user are shifted high speed internet.

See the Rates 
  1. Home Surfing Package:

    This package offers National Roaming facility. The user can login from 7.00 PM night to 8.00 AM next day morning. This is a single user package.

    Type  Of   Service
    1 month
    Home Surfing
    Rs. 100.00

  2. Unlimited Single User Package:

    In this package the user can surf the Internet for unlimited period of the time during the subscribed period.

    1 Month
    Rs. 200.00
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    The Benefit of Fiber Optic

  3. Yearly email Package:

    This is an e-mail-only package with Internet viewing restricted. It is yearly package costing NRs. 900. Any queries can be mailed to Email addr:
Time Band for Dailup Internet Users

Time Duration
06:00 - 22:00
4 minutes of browsing will be charged as 1 local call
22:00 - 06:00
8 minutes of browsing will be charged as 1 local call

Who will be the target Group?

When there was no any alternative for internet user has no choice so they use dial up Internet. Nepal Telecom launched high speed internet called Wimax. NTC is increasing coverage areas of wimax, but why it is giving priority of dial up internet we couldn't understand. Almost all the districts of Nepal got connected through ADSL (A systematic Digital Subscriber Line) in these scenarios who will be target group. There are other ISPs (Internet Service Providers) provides high speed internet facility but many of them are running only in big cities. I couldn't find any target group of such internet.  If any reader have sound logic behind this please mention in the comment. So feel free to put your comments.
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Send Money Through Google #Goggle Wallet

For what purpose do you use Gmail? Basically to send email, Text, graphics other documents or any file with another email address. Gmail has announced new feature named Google Wallet. Through which you can attach money just like attaching other files.

How to Send Money

In order to send money through Gmail your Gmail account should be linked with goggle wallet. Google wallet is linked with your bank account. See the video below, how it works.

Smartphone user will get more benefit.

There are a lot of android apps available in the goggle play. Some of them are free and some are paid. Smartphone users can buy paid apps with the help of goggle wallet. Not only this, user can buy different products of goggle like goggle books, magazine etc. with the help of goggle wallet.

Challenge to PayPal

PayPal know as the Online Payment Gate will get a lot of challenge after goggle launched its new feature called goggle wallet. May be chance to losses many customers among 110 millions PayPal users around the world.

Problem in Nepal

Those people who are living in Nepal neither get chance to use PayPal nor goggle wallet. According to the goggle official blog within coming months American Gmail users will get new features of goggle wallet. But it remains silence about other country. In case of Nepal E-sewa is coming as the online payment gateway but it is not a multinational corporation so users cannot do global monetary transactions like PayPal. This is only limited to home country.

We have to spend lot of time to deposit our own money in the banks. There are ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) to withdraw money but no any machines that can accept deposit of customer. In this context transactions through goggle wallet is like the dream for the Nepali Internet users.

Click Here to Read this post in Local Language ie. Nepali
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Tips to Make Money from Your Blog

Introduction: With a stroke of common luck and uncommon genius, it is quite possible for moderate bloggers to monetize their blogs through earnest and honest work, and increase revenue streams. One should have a business. One can use blogs to market one’s business. Another possibility is to make business out of blogging. It is left to individuals’ discretion as in which one they prefer.While the idea seems impressive on paper, putting blog monetization along the right and productive way does require a great deal of planning, patience, perseverance and progressive-minded thinking, rare in these days of the fast buck syndrome.

Tip # 1: The first question that you need to answer candidly and honestly is whether your current blog is worth investing in. For yes, well and good, but if you are not sure, it is necessary and important to make the blog, as I say, monetize and investment- worthy. It not only needs to be well built and attractive, but also needs to have useful and appropriate content value that excites, stimulates and make blog readers wanting more. Advertisers would indeed seek advertising mileage for the ads they place in your blogs, whether as banners or themes, and you cannot afford to demotivate them. Once the scene is set, in terms of quality blog with excellent get up and contents, not forgetting a Remarks Section, the skies would not be able to set limits for your earnings and heightened blog monetization revenue streams. If you aim for the skies, you may reach the treetops.

Tip #2: In the long run, Per-Per-Click (PPC) schemes only work out productively if the advertiser gamble pays off and the potential clients become real paying clients, since productive clients are shade better than potential clients. Thus the motto of bloggers would also be in terms of gaining maximum readership and remarks that could become WIN-WIN situation for all stakeholders, blog owners included.

Tip # 3: Affiliate marketing is indeed preferred destinations for blog owners who would like to contribute to increased sales for products and merchandise, usually preferred and popular brands. But here again, while this seems a safe bet, affiliate programs work on pre-determined covenants between affiliate companies and  associates, in terms of mandatory minimum clicks( usually 1,000 clicks) to qualify for commission and several other clauses included in fine print. It is also necessary to exercise prime caution in selecting which brands to promote and market along with modus operandi of such business promotional strategies. To begin with, it is in good business sense to begin with caution tempered with common sense and avoids overselling yourself.

Tip# 4:  Use the blog to promote your own products and services seems in line with good business savvies, especially if you go the whole route yourself, and do not engage middlemen with whom you would otherwise need to share profits. Besides, you are the best man to know your business best and this could add to better marketing techniques and strategies, which could be well monetized.

Blogs should be written keeping the target audience in mind. The more people view the blog posts, the more prosperous the blog becomes.Blog monetization is not a bad idea provided you set your mind and will to succeed. There are many paths to gain wealth, but the main goal, or objective is to make good use of blogs to make honest, hard earned money and help the business grow. The roads to blog monetization are not easy but could be made so with proper planning, self determination to win at it, self-restraint and an uncommon amount of common sense in dealing and overcoming challenging business situations of all hues and colors. 
Author’s Bio:
   Guest Author He is a writer by profession. He contributes articles and blogs on traveling, education, technology, fashion and shopping. He has good knowledge in all writing field. He is a best essay writer with quality service provider.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

7 Common Mistakes Online Writers Make

There you are, basking in the glory of your published piece (albeit on the Internet). You lovingly re-read every carefully chosen word, every carefully crafted turn of phrase, when it jumps out and slaps you in the face: a typo or some grammatical error. It must have been a ninja because it managed to slip by despite your vigilance.  

It’s become an all-too-familiar experience with bloggers and online writers of all kinds – finding mistakes after it’s too late to do anything about it. Not only does it affect your credibility as a writer, it also damages the reliability of the site it was published on. You may have the best of intentions in spreading important and useful information on the Internet, but people will not read what you have to say if your piece is riddle with errors.
Here are some of the most common:

1.    Your vs You’re

They sound the same, but they don’t mean the same thing.

“Your” shows possession while “you’re” is “you are” in a shorter form.

“Your grammar is good.You’re the best!

2.    Their vs They’re

Yet another common mistake just because they sound the same. Take a second look every time you use these words.

Similar to the first example, while “their” means that a third person owns something, while “they’re” is a contraction of “they are”.

“They’rethe experts.Listen to them because their opinions matter.”

3.    Loose vs Lose

These words are often mixed up in writing. Many writers, for some reason, use loose when they really mean lose. Don’t lose your mind on this – it’s just an extra o.

“Loose” is the opposite of “tight”, while “lose” means “to fail” or stop having possession of something.

“Your pocket is too loose, you might loseyour wallet.”

4.    Its vs It’s

A glaring mistake that writers commonly miss out because of simple carelessness. There’s no reason to get confused on this common mistake. It’s easy!

“Its”, again, shows possession, but “it’s” is a contraction of “it is” or “it has”.

“It’s (It has) been a long day of work. I think it’s (it is) time to take a break. I want to go to that restaurant, which is famous for its delicious steak.”

5.    i.e. vs e.g.

Ooh la Latin! These two abbreviations are commonly misused by so many because they don’t know what either of them stands for – or may have just forgotten the difference.

i.e. is “id est” in Latin which means “that is”, while e.g. is “exempli gratia” which means “for the sake of example”. To keep it short, use the former to define further and use the latter to give an example. Here’s a memory trick to help you remember the difference:

i.e. = in essence
e.g. = example given

“The office is doing some cost cutting efforts (i.e., reducing office expenses). We are running out of office supplies (e.g., paper, pen, marker).”

6.    Further vs Farther

Distance is what’s common between these two, but they mean far different things.

“Farther” is used for physical distance; it means “at a greater distance”. “Further’” on the other hand, is used for metaphorical, or figurative, distance; it means “to a greater extent or degree”.

“He’s a hard-headed athlete. He kept on running farther which triggered further damage to his injury.”

7.    Affect vs Effect

Perhaps because their meanings are so similar, most writers often misuse this pair of confusing words.
“Affect” is a verb that means to “produce an effect, to influence”, while “effect’ is a noun that means “the result of a cause”.
“The quality of your grammar affects the credibility of your content. That’s a simple cause and effect thought that you have to remember.”
These are just some of the most common mistakes that you have to avoid if you want to produce quality content for your blog or for your clients. You can even get more freelance job opportunities if you continue to please every client you meet, and likely get referrals as a result.